Gurpukur Research Institute (GPRI)

Gurpukur is an agro based socio-economic development organization. It works with rural farmers for achieving the goal of “To eliminate imperfections of Agricultural production and marketing system existing in Bangladesh and making the sector sustainable”. Gurpukur Research Institute (GPRI) is the centre for Research and Publication of Gurpukur. It conducts research activities in the field of Agriculture, Socio-Economics and Environmental Science. It is designed with Field research / Adaptive research / Introductory research. We have conducted researches on Economics of Community Farming, Economic Efficiency analysis of Hybrid rice production, Yield and nutritive assessment of Lablab bean genotypes and seed production of cereal and vegetables crops and many other time demanding researches are going on.

Stagnancy of agricultural growth, high input cost resulting non-profitable cultivation and vulnerable socio-economic condition of farmers are some of the common scenario of our country. Considering this situation, Gurpukur introduced “Community farming system” in a limited scale at Satkhira district. Community farming may be defined as “Sharing knowledge, thinking, attitudes and resources whatever farmers hold in a certain farming group. The community approaches reduced farmers’ input cost as they use common tillers, practice social seed bed, common cultural activities due to cultivation of same variety of crop in a certain season, optimum use of power pump, maintaining soil health, use of quality seed, intensive training, women participation and marketing in a collective way. Thus the farmers minimize their production cost, increase productivity and maximize profit margin.